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Crossfit Duluth

Making Fitness Fun!

Have Fun Getting Fit

You should never dread going to the gym. We aim to make each and every workout fun and exciting. And that's the beauty of CrossFit - it's always changing and always pushing your body in new ways.

Inspire Others Along The Way

We celebrate everything here, whether it's your personal record or your classmate's best WOD time. Together we inspire each other to be great every single day.

Persevere Through Every Challenge

There will be challenges and setbacks and you have to be ready. Pushing through every tough time makes your successes that much sweeter and we're here to push you forward through it all.

Enjoy Support Like Never Before

We take pride in bringing the Duluth community together to stay healthy and get fit. Whether this is your first time working out or your next stop on a fitness journey, we're ready to make it memorable.


Get in great shape today and have blast doing it with our CrossFit Classes in Duluth. We help men and women of all abilities build muscle and burn fat with scaleable workouts that keep you motivated from day one.

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Personal Training

With our Personal Training in Duluth, you can rely on a dedicated professional to support you on the path to better fitness and health. Build muscle, lose weight, and make your goals a reality today!

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Kickstart your workouts today with our Bootcamp Training in Duluth. This 6-week program has helped tons of people in our community see real results fast! Learn more or get started today!

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Is CrossFit Right For You?

Here Are Just A Few Ways We Can Make Your Training More Efficient And Effective Today:

Functional Strength And Power in Duluth - Crossfit Duluth

Functional Strength And Power

We don't train you to build muscles for show. Instead, we make every movement mean something by pushing you to improve your efficiency every time you train. You'll walk away with a strength that produces real results.

Explosive Speed And Athleticism  in Duluth - Crossfit Duluth

Explosive Speed And Athleticism

With us, it's all about efficiency. How quickly can you move your body while maintaining power and technique? Whether you're lifting 300 pounds or you're relying on body weight alone, everyone goes through the same system, building incredible results in the process.

Unwavering Confidence And Accomplishment  in Duluth - Crossfit Duluth

Unwavering Confidence And Accomplishment

When was the last time you left the gym knowing you gave it your all? There's no better feeling. And it's one we push you to achieve every single class. At CrossFit Duluth, you'll walk away on top of the world.

Lifelong Friends And Supporters  in Duluth - Crossfit Duluth

Lifelong Friends And Supporters

We are first and foremost a family-friendly facility. And that means making everybody welcome from the minute they come through the door. Build bonds with those by your side and walk away with an incredible support system surrounding you.


What People Are Saying

Still need convincing? Check out what people are saying about us.

Lindsey Ruhnke

The happiest place in the world! I have felt supported and encouraged by the smart coaches and awesome community since day one of my Crossfit journey! ....

R Champaigne

The coaches and CFD community are amazing. The atmosphere allows you to push yourself harder than you would by working out on your own. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend CFD to everyone, no matter what your fitness level! ....

Melissa Ramos Bailey

Great box and community and the coaches were awesome! They ran a great comp with an abundantly full box and it ran super smooth! Also loved how much Duluth loves Livesore! Would love to return and WOD w y'all next time! Thanks for having me! ....

Jennifer Kero

Crossfit Duluth is the perfect fit for me. The coaching staff takes the time to get to know each member. They will modify every WOD to fit your personal needs while pushing you to do your very best. The gym is clean, comfortable and extremely welcoming. Great job Dale, Cory, Jen, Senja, Tiff & ....

Jo Jones

I just started and find the workouts excellent for all levels. Cory and Dale are awesome, and so are the other coaches. Everyone is very supportive. I love it so far! ....

Elizabeth Trumpold

This is the Best place in the world for a great workout. No pressure, everyone is super friendly and more then willing to help. From beginner to novice CrossFit Duluth works with everyone. The people I've worked out with have become like family. Dale, Cory, Jen and the other trainers are amazing ....

Where Fitness Is For Everyone

There is a place for everyone here at CrossFit Duluth regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Everything we do at CrossFit Duluth can be modified for you. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you Be BETTER! We are here to help you reach your goals & are with you every step of the way. We believe the key to your success on your fitness journey is first, to have FUN! Surprise yourself with what you can do by trying new things. “Work” hard every time you are here and gain a new understanding of perseverance. Be part of a friendly, motivating and supportive group of people that you will soon consider family. Learn more about CrossFit Duluth or GET STARTED TODAY by filling out the short form on your screen.

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