Every few months I pause to update my calendar. As an entrepreneur who runs a business and is coaching full-time and wearing several hats, I find that the schedule never stays the same very long. BUT, by taking time to clean it up and re-organize I ALWAYS find I’m more productive and happy. When I let things overrun the schedule or slide all over, energy levels fall, workouts are hard to make happen, and nutrition seems to decline.

Basically, failing to plan is planning to fail. IF you want to find success with health and fitness you’ll need to MAKE TIME on your schedule.

Treat your workout as an appointment with a very important person (YOU ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON) and don’t miss it. If something does come up, exchange it to an open slot, even if that means just going for a walk to circulate blood, get fresh air and sunlight.

It’s not the one workout being easy or hard that will make all the difference, it’s all the days you DON’T workout because something else got in the way that will get you,

If nutrition is your weakness and you don’t have time for meal prep. One of the simplest things you can do is download “The Better Human” APP to help keep you and your macros on track. Make it part of your day and have fun with it.

CHALLENGE FOR EVERYONE THIS WEEK. If you don’t already keep a schedule, start one. Put time for work, rest, personal time, shopping, food prep, and EXERCISE in there as well as anything else that MUST happen. Even if it’s a lot, you’ll feel better by getting handles on everything.

This isn’t just an exercise. Plan to use your schedule for the entire upcoming month. Guarantee you’ll see positive results!

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