If I told you to invest all of your money into “Gigits & Wigits” TODAY or you’re going to go BROKE… Would you?

CrossFit is an Amazing community of like minded people who come together to do the uncommon uncommonly well, and we are all here doing the same things for all of the same reasons. We want to be more fit, look better naked, lose weight, be more healthy… the list goes on. Whether you Crossfit for health, vanity or whatever, CrossFit is Fitness for All. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or don’t have the use of your legs, if you have the heart, you can CrossFit. It adapts to all fitness levels beginner to elite. Some people scale, some RX, but we all do this together on the count of 3..2..1..GO!

Constant Progression. That is what CrossFit is. You learn new things, create new goals, obtain new skills, all while refining skills you already have. You are constantly getting better, faster & stronger. Plateaus, sure they happen along the way, but you trust the process, increase skill work and before you know it, you’re back on the PR train again.

I just ran the fastest mile I’ve ever ran since high school! You got your FIRST pull-up! BOOM!! Next you did 20 unbroken. You just learned how to deadlift turns into, I just deadlifted 1.5 times my body weight, which turns into 3x body weight PR! You increase you’re endurance, speed, strength, stamina, accuracy, power, balance, respiratory, cardiovascular & flexibility. You are doing things you never thought you would ever be able to do and you’re CRUSHING them!

Now you walk in the box with confidence, you look at the wod on the whiteboard, maybe you look at Jack’s or Julie’s score just so maybe you can predict the outcome a little or to gague the difficulty of the wod a little better as well as if you need any of your cool new gear today. You talk to your friends comparing notes of yesterday’s and today’s wods, laugh, joke, stretch and get ready for class. Warm-ups are done, time to CRUSH the wod! You set up next to your buddy and get ready. 3..2..1..Go! Out of the gate you’re moving fast, it’s back and forth between you two the whole time, you push each others pace & determination to the next level. It’s hard, it’s exhausting, but it’s fun. You both finish, fist bump and cheer on the rest of the group until they finish. We have bonded as a group. We all “Just did this” together.

You’ve gained confidence, knowledge, skill, experience as well as friends and a “CrossFit Family”. No matter how you found our front door, you stepped through into the world of CrossFit. You drank the Kool-aide, you’re addicted & you love it. You love everything about it, from the progress you’ve made to the accountability of the group.

Let’s rewind this story for a minute to the days before you were a part of this group… Remember? Remember when you drove by day after day seeing this sign that said “CrossFit”? Maybe you had seen people running or flipping tires or even doing burpees in the parking lot. Finally curiosity got the best of you and you had to just check out this “thing” that everyone keeps talking about. Maybe you scheduled an intro session. Maybe you just stopped in. But you did it. You got up the nerve and you did it. You walked through the door of a CrossFit box for the first time! It was time, you were ready, willing and determined to make a change in your life, “YOU GOT THIS” you tell yourself. “Holy Shit, what am I doing”?! was probably one of the first things you thought after that and then there were some “I cant’s” and “I don’t know hows” along the way. Do you remember this??

How about your very first air squat… remember that? Your first deadlift, clean, snatch… remember? Can you recall your first pull-up? Muscle up? Your first wall ball? Kettlebell? Odds are you don’t think about all of that much, but it is very important to remember where you started and how you got to be the awesome crossfitter you are. At some point you all walked through that door not knowing much of anything and started your CrossFit journey. All that you’ve learned, all that you’ve become and all that is yet to come from CrossFit is credited to that person who has been there every step of the way with you. The person who still remembers your first air squat. The person who celebrated your wins, consoled your failures, inspired you, motivated you and taught you everything you know about CrossFit… believes in you… your coach.

No one is more invested in you and your success in CrossFit than your coach. Your best interest, safety, progress and longevity is our top priority. We are the CrossFit expert. We have been with you every step of the way. We know what you need and whats best for you. We know when to hold you back and when to push you forward. We tell you what you need to hear now and drop knowledge bombs along the way to keep your progression moving in the right direction.

I believe the single most dangerous coach, is not your coach at all. It’s your friend, your classmate and even someone who holds a CrossFit Level 1 cert. I am not saying these people mean any harm to you or suggesting they are trying to be malicious at all, I believe it’s in our DNA and just part of human nature to want to help others. Some take it to higher levels than others, some need the right environment to nurture that instinct and yet others create that environment. I do believe these people are trying to be helpful and provide insights and want the best for you, but just because I want you to be rich, doesn’t mean I can provide you with a million dollars. They don’t remember your first squat, WE DO.

Everything we do is for a reason. Trust the process, have FUN, smile and enjoy your training. Please do not impede on others progress.

If I told you to invest all of your money into “Gigits & Wigits” TODAY or you’re going to go BROKE… Would you?
-”I am not a financial investment expert, I cannot advise you on Gigits & Wigits… I’m a CrossFit coach”.

Dale Collison
CrossFit Duluth owner & head coach

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