Having “All Level” classes is advantageous to ALL of our CFD members.

  • Not only is it inspiring to a new member to see a seasoned member crush a movement or wod, it’s motivation.
  • As a member who’s been around here awhile, you can relate with the newbie who looks cross-eyed at the coach while we speak in paragraphs of CrossFit acronyms and reflect on when you first started.
  • You get to hear repeated explanations of movements that allows you to sharpen your skills and continuously progress.
  • With all of our classes being open to any skill level athlete, you are not limited to which class you are allowed to attend which is beneficial to your busy ever changing schedules.
  • You can work out with your friends and make new ones.

Choices, Options, education, Inspirational, Motivational, Skill building & bonding.

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