Constantly varied workouts utilizing movements which translate to your everyday life while accommodating your fitness level. Metabolic conditioning, body weight exercises and weightlifting are some key ingredients of our CrossFit class to create long lasting results.

Our CrossFit classes are designed for ALL levels of athletes, whether you are brand new or have been doing this for years, our workouts and coaching will meet you at your current fitness level. Your safety is our priority! We believe focusing on proper movement technique and being consistent with it is more important than weight and intensity. How much weight you move isn’t as impressive as how well you move it. Our coaches will work with you and lead you through every workout. We control the flow of the class and will explain, demonstrate and make sure you understand before we move on. The coaches are prepared to offer scalable options that best suits the needs of each individual, ensuring you get the best experience possible. We believe the individual need for fitness varies by degree not kind.

With 26 CrossFit classes to choose from each week, we offer a very flexible schedule to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Each of our CrossFit classes are one hour in length and each day brings a new workout to challenge you in a different way. We write our own programming (workouts) that flow nicely throughout the week, so each new day compliments the one before.

No matter your age, gender or fitness level, You CAN do a CrossFit class. Our coaches are dedicated to help you achieve your health and fitness goals by tailoring the workouts to your specific needs in a group setting. Be prepared to start on time, learn new and exciting things all while having fun in a friendly supportive environment!



This no barbell lower impact high intensity interval training style CrossFit class is designed to increase your endurance while reducing body fat. CrossFit Burn will help you tone and increase your energy level.

Get ready to MOVE in this high intensity interval training class! Body weight exercises mixed with light strength movements, that utilizes kettlebells and dumbbells make this one a H.I.I.T. Our CrossFit Burn class bridges the gap between CrossFit and Boot Camp. Although you are not required to start at Boot Camp to join CrossFit Duluth, Burn is a great transition class for those who are either not ready for, or not interested in barbell training. This is more of a cardio style CrossFit class designed to increase your endurance while toning and melting away the body fat. The workouts will challenge you and require less scaling options. Just like our CrossFit class, Our coaches will work with you and lead you through every workout making sure to explain, demonstrate and make sure you understand every movement before starting. The coaches are prepared to offer scalable options that best suits the needs of each individual, ensuring you get the best experience possible.

We offer 5 CrossFit Burn class options each week. Each class is one hour in length and each day brings a new workout to challenge you in a different way. Every workout is written by us and is designed to offer you a wide variety of movements that compliment each other and flow together throughout the week.

Any fitness level can do our CrossFit Burn class. We are setting you up for success as many of the skills that are performed in this class will better prepare you and transfer to our CrossFit class. Be prepared to start on time, work hard and cheer on your classmates!



Been a while since you’ve worked out? Never have? Boot Camp Duluth will set you up for success right from the start and get you on the right path for your health and fitness journey. You have goals, we have the tools to help you achieve them. Let’s get started!

No drill sargent here, just a fun, friendly, supportive group of like minded people who are eager to improve their way of life through health and fitness in a positive manner. Our 6 week Boot Camp program comes with ALL of the extras to kickstart your fitness journey. Get ready to build a solid physical and mental foundation though challenging workouts with expert coaching that is conscientious of your specific individual needs. You will experience new habit forming challenges along the way to help create a sustainable healthy lifestyle and receive the guidance, support and feedback you need for success. Find new confidence through personal performance gains, body transformation and group accountability. This program is designed to provide the best experience possible while achieving maximum results and personal growth for those who are ready to DO something, but are unsure where to start.

Boot Camp is offered several times throughout the year with 3 classes each week during the 6 week period. Classes are one hour in length and start on time. The workouts ramp up in intensity and degree of difficulty as the course progresses. Although scaling movements is always an option, this class is designed to require it much less. We work with you to determine if something in the workout needs to change to better suit your needs.

What happens in Boot Camp, Stays in Boot Camp!… Just kidding, this isn’t “Fight Club”. We will do before/after pics, workout and measurements. Why? Because we want to measure your successes and have indisputable proof of what you have accomplished in just 6 weeks! Camera shy? No worries, we won’t post them all over the internet, we’ll leave that up to you when you get your “after” photo.

Nutrition is the key building block of any good fitness plan. We’ve got you covered there as well, with two options to choose from giving you control over how far you want to go with it. Did we mention the free shirt yet? Yep, every “Boot-Camper” gets one of these highly desired pieces of swag to proudly where in class! Is there more? Yes of course, but you’ve already read so much, we have to have something left to talk about (insert laughing emoji here).

Still reading? Then you know this is what you’re looking for. Reserve your spot in our next Boot Camp for just $49 (spaces are limited). You’ve never had this much fun proving yourself! You are ready for this and you can do it! We’ll be with you every step of the way.



Not sure where to start? Why not try out ALL of the programs! …Well, sort of. This hybrid option blends the best of CrossFit, Burn and Boot Camp. It will provide you with a great experience without a long term commitment.

Commitment issues? Want to start now? Interested in CrossFit or Burn class? Look no further! Our 6 Week Challenge allows you to start anytime you are ready, no waiting for a start date here. You can also attend ANY CrossFit or Burn class, which means you have 31 class options each week to choose from to fit your busy schedule. You will do before/after InBody scan and have the option for our full nutrition plan or none at all. What’s this “Body scan” you’re talking about? Glad you asked! We use an InBody 570 body composition scanner that, in simple terms… Tells you what you’re made of. It segments muscle and body fat giving you a full body diagnostic printout.

Who should do the 6 Week Challenge? If you are ready to jump into CrossFit or Burn and Do NOT want to do Boot Camp classes, but want some of the extras that come with it… This one is for you.


24/7  ACCESS

We now offer access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to train in our facility. This access provides members the opportunity to follow a specific training program, to add additional weightlifting or strength training, to have the ability to work on skills or accessory work, or to train at a time outside of our coach-led classes that works better with their schedule.

In this time of COVID, this 24 hour access also provides the opportunity for our members to train during off-peak hours when there are less people in the gym should they feel the need to do so. 24 Hour Access is available for CrossFit Duluth athletes & New Members.

For those who want access to our 24 Hour Option, without coach-led classes we do offer a specific membership. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information and pricing.


In simple, a core strength and conditioning program that utilizes 3 main modalities; Metabolic Conditioning, Gymnastics and Weight Lifting.
Run, Row, Bike, Sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Snatch, Clean & Jerk… Just to name a few.
No. Just get started. We scale our workouts and exercises for every individual, meeting you at your current fitness level.
No. We will teach you the movements and refine them as we go.
No. They are the top 1%. Everyone else is normal real people of every shape and size.
Pretty much anyone. We have worked with people ages 4-75 and of all abilities.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals